Boylan Heights Luxury Condominiums

The first multifamily project to be permitted in Boylan Heights Historic district,
it won the Sir Walter Raleigh Award for most improved residential  new
construction. This project replaced a dilapidated and crime ridden apartment
building.  Working closely with the neighborhood, local architect David
Maurer, and historic district officials, we created two buildings designed to
integrate into the neighborhood by creating the appearance of larger historic
homes that frequently border older neighborhoods.
Hinsdale Row, 28 Luxury Row Houses

This project was proposed at a prominent location on the corner of Peace and
Glenwood.  This sensitive area served as a transition between the
commercial district of Glenwood South and the historic Glenwood Brooklyn
neighborhood.   We were charged with working with the community to develop
a conditional use re-zoning plan to allow the development to proceed.  We
researched and located a national design firm specializing in mid density low
rise housing, combining their skills with a local engineering firm and legal
council.   We then undertook a series of meetings with community leaders and
made multiple presentations to the neighborhood association and citizens
advisory council.  These efforts won the support of both these organizations
and the initial plan was approved.
Kirby Point Condominiums, Renovation & Conversion

This former apartment building had terrible curb appeal and was in need of a
great deal of work.  Special attention was paid to creating a transformational
change in the exterior appearance and in retrofitting the interior with high
quality finishes appropriate to the condominium marketplace.  The
identification of critical problems and opportunities for improvements created a
very pleasing and successful project.
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